Defect & remedial solutions for strata properties

Remedial works that restore strata integrity

Our defect and remedial solutions are designed to address structural issues to ensure a safe and stable environment so you can be confident your strata property complies with industry standards and regulations.

Our class 2 certified building practitioners can assess and identify defects and implement a strategic remediation plan that ensures safety and integrity.

We specialise in defect liability period (DLP) works, offering comprehensive solutions to preserve the integrity of buildings that are over six-years-old.

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Remedial works that restore strata integrity

Tailored solutions for a sound strata environment

We collaborate with strata managers and body corporates who leverage our extensive experience as builders and building remediation specialists to address defects and achieve effective outcomes.

We co-ordinate a network of trades to take corrective action efficiently and effectively, completing your project with a focus on quality and precision. Working with us means entrusting your strata property to a team that understands the challenges of building remediation and is skilled to deliver optimal solutions.

Tailored solutions for a sound strata environment

Our targeted remedial actions

We inspect and repair building defects quickly and thoroughly including:

  • Waterproofing
  • Leak detection
  • Concrete remediation
  • Window and door replacement
  • Balcony repairs
  • Roof repairs
  • General building services
  • Building facades
  • Rising damp
  • Project management
Our targeted remedial actions

Strata maintenance services for long term value

The challenges of ongoing maintenance for strata properties can be a struggle. Routine maintenance and repairs minimises the risk of larger and costlier issues unexpectedly arising.

Our strata maintenance services also designed to address minor repairs promptly and implement preventative measures that prevent further deterioration.

This proactive approach to maintenance ensures the longevity and structural integrity of your strata property while also maintaining a pleasant environment for your occupants.

Strata maintenance services for long term value
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